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I only had the trial version and it came with my Xbox I have a white xbox You can share Xbox file with some free software like Modio i put it in my usb with xtaf gui 44 and later i turn on my xbox and read it like demo. Xbox usb xtaf xplorer free download Yes. Size: free 0. File 0. Make GUI and-in 0. Double click again. This is the boring bit.

Copy each. You have to do it single file by single file, which took me about 10 minutes to do.

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At this point what I did was copy the folder i downloaded from PESGaming to another location to back it up. Then I deleted every file in the original folder to make sure they were not in use, this confirms they have been transferred to the USB. Follow steps 5 to 9 again and check the files you injected still show up, just to confirm they are all on the USB. NOTE: Shirt sponsors wont show up yet for some reason.

But they will in a moment Then boot PES again. Your shirts should now all have sponsors on and look like the real shirts your favourite teams play in!

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I hope this helps, Any questions don't hesitate to ask! PS You can transfer all file by copy all with the mouse into the white space of the programm! That is awesome, thanks for letting me know, I could not figure out for the life of me how to do that, and im a bloody Computing student at Uni! Dumb or what! What do you mean by that. What option file are you using? Jon's option file. I have do ALL but the xbox don't see the option file.. I had copy from xbox to usb my savedata, I insert usb on pc, play the programma and inject Edit and Uniform file, after delete the similar to on my usb pen.

But xbox don't see that! When I copy the files, are copy all the files with Slashr in folder.. How I insert the option file? But you have play with this of? And if I am Italian game, is important? I am glad it has finally worked for you! It will work on PS3 but there is another method for that. DLC has nothing to do with the editing files so you should be fine. Actually since the OF are mostly made on patched versions title updates, not content update you will most likely get this error trying to load the 5mb edit file: Unable to load because data is from different version.

Download content and update data. Since I have no access to xbox live to update my game I have to find a work around to make it work. Kits will work fine though. The question asked was about the kit updates. Lucky you then, but you answered the other dude wrongly. You may need the DLC depending on what the patch was based on. EDIT: actually, i forgot to do something crucial. I didn't copy the original save files to the usb, i just loaded PES and told it to use the usb as a new save. I should copy the hdd save files first and see if it works.

EDIT: Figured it out. Im stuck now, the usb program you said to download wont work for me and after i formatted my usb from my xbox the option file doesnt fit on it even though it says i have 3. Click on OK to terminate the application. I need help with all this stuff alot. I need help with all this stuff alot I have not got a clue how to help you if the program is not working. If the application is not working for you the best thing to do would be to go to se7ensins.

My 2gb memory stick works so it is a bit weird your 3. I managed to figure out the memory issue its just now when i copy all my pes files to the usb from the hard drive it doesnt show up on the usb when i plug it in my computer. Ill ask about the usb program on the other site thanks for that.

People you know say where the meeting to download updates from Konami March?? Ahh sorted now you drag it without pressing inject.

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Very good morning, to me works great. The only thing that when loaded from the flash drive would not come the sponsors. But passing it to the hard drive, works great. A greeting and thanks for the work. Is it possible for anyone to upload the latest Pes10 Title Update?

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I can not find the one from the 30th of march wich I will need to get this option file to work. I need the Pal Version Thank you.

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Should the box be flashed or can i use this method also with an untouched box? The logos are there, the players also, but the sponsor logos will not show up. But no change. What is wrong? When PES tried to load the trikot datas, it always stopped at number , so the problem is that only "Fly emirates" is there. Is there any reason at all that Microsoft would ban you from Xbox live doing this? I figured this out myself, and my way you just name the Downloaded Of and Uniform "bins" in a folder then from the flash click through until you see the original , delete it then just inject the whole folder.

Your done in seconds. My concern is the "people getting banned" part. Have you played online okay with the OFs?

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I got the same problem. You will see all the kits are correct now. What you have to do is go to your Xbox dash board and to "Memory" and transfer the files from the flash to the HDD. You can use any xbox with it its not illegal to use option files or anything. They arn't save files and you do not achieve them through playing the games, so xbox wont ban you for it, that'd be dumb. I only had the fly emirates logo too, make sure you copy the WHOLE pes file over to the HDD, mine also still stops at but all my kit logos and sponsors are there. Great work man but, can Microsoft ban you for this?

I finally managed to inject the option file to my xbox a big thank for you foxboro89 :happy:. So should I assume that this Otherwise you will get messed up squads and stuff. Same here, for starters the tutorial is wrong? I have everything on my desktop, slashers file, jons kits and I click open device and nothing happens??????

Accessories, controllers and joysticks. The output iPhone MP4 video files can be played on your. By default, Windows does not distinguish between different. This is my first time attempting t.

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Xboxpad its a python Script for use with xboxdrv on Linux, now you can plug your xbox controller on Linux and just launch xboxpad in a terminal. The entries can be extracted and replaced. In general programs are named default. Boxplorer is a file manager for Xbox which allows you to directly browse, copy, move, delete and rename files and folders on the Xbox harddisk and DVD drive.

There may still be some cases of this problem, please report it if it happens to you so it can be investigated.

Velocity's backend is handled by the XboxInternals library, which currently supports the following Xbox file formats:. Buka folder games xbla pada drive dvd via file manager 3. How to back-up Xbox save games. Now click connect and within a few seconds, you should see a picture as shown below with your Xbox folders on the right hand side. To format the USB, put it in your xbox and go to memory. Open the downloaded program 4.

I just popped my memory stick in my computer for validation and I can see that it is clearly still a FAT32 partition scheme which it was to begin with.