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If you can run any of the popular games out there, you can run OBS. It works great with Twitch, and it being open sourced means it is a budding streamer's best friend. Simple tools let you manage your screen recordings along with sound, screen transitions, and a captioning option; while providing extra tools that help streamline your projects. With a tool kit that is practical and easy to understand, OBS excels at providing just what you want for your screen recording and streaming needs.

For this reason, it lacks some of the flash and bang that other streaming software may be able to provide. Although the tools are easy to understand, it's not as intuitive as other programs and may require a little time to learn, especially if you are not familiar with similar software. Commentaires: Overall, using OBS has been a really good experience.

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Once you begin to learn the ropes and get an understanding of what the terms mean and the ways that they can affect streams and recordings, it becomes a very valuable tool for content creation that streamlines a lot of the finer details of a streaming and recording setup and allows one to focus on making content. Avantages: OBS is software that really helped to make my streams and recordings really simple to manage.

I stream and record most of my gameplay from Xbox One and with OBS I am able to use a simple set up to add personality and flair to my streams.

I can also integrate OBS into my operation to stream to places such as YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitch using overlays which aren't provided natively by the Xbox One console which really helps one to stand out amongst other streamers. Set up is relatively easy because the OBS software has features that can detect what you have available and set itself up based on the specifications that it detects.

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When it comes to recording, using the capture software allows me to add overlays and things such as watermarks to content as it records as well as set up audio options such as microphones and the levels of audio that it records. Getting help is quite simple since there are many forums and other ways to find information and tips online as well as turotials provided by the developers themselves. Being new to streaming at the time, it was more or less a problem not having a good understanding of how to set things up overall.

Once I spent some time browsing forums and the other sources of help regarding OBS, I found that it was pretty easy to understand how to adjust things as I needed to. Commentaires: Overall, despite my recent comments, I DO recommend this to other Streamers or content creators.

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And I know many others that do, too. The program really has enough of a following and dedicated creators that want to keep working with and through problems.

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The Discord Chat provided and the aid of other content creators has me coming back, working constantly WITH OBS despite its flaws, and looking forward to further improvement. Keep it up! You are doing alright, Team! Avantages: I actually enjoy using this program! Sometimes it can get buggy after an update or freezes up when about to use it. But the customer service availability is good, so I feel pretty well supported and put in the right direction if I need help or advice.

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I use this to Stream on a regular basis for charity, and it's gotten the job done. Sometimes not perfectly, but usually rather tolerable. So, the unpredictability in that regard can be frustrating. Commentaires: I use this app when playing games to show my friends, sometimes I turn on stream mode when I feel a little lonely in the game or when I am having a little fun.

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Avantages: The program is easy to use, once you have completed the required settings that fit your computer's parameters, it remains to select the broadcast source and broadcast source and then start the process. There is no limit to adding videos and other elements, and it is possible to save a local file to your computer during the stream.

The program allows you to select a full-screen mode or a specific area, and you can further control the process by using hot keys, which is very convenient and saves time. One of their Apps is Sing! Karaoke, where user can sing their favourite songs and collaborate with other users or with original artists and simulate a live streaming video. When you collaborate with others it is feels like both of you live streaming video but its actually a recorded video. Even other people that saw a collaboration video will feel its like a live streaming video between two singer.

With Sing! Karaoke you can watch other people music video free online and listen to free music, just remember any songs in smule and related sites is not a rolayti free music and smule is not free music website or music file sharing website. A : from the website smule you can view music video free online and listen to free music, but you cannot save any songs or video from smule website because they are not music file sharing website. Magic Piano by Smule : turn your phone into a piano and play some greatest songs on your smartphone.

In Magic Piano By Smule you will find beam of lights as your guidance when you play your favourite songs. AutoRap by Smule : change your voice when you speak into a rap. Try sing your favourite rap songs with AutoRap by Smule. Songify by Smule : Speak to your smartphone and Songify by Smule will change your voice into a songs!!.

For Apple Device, they have all four apps that available in android and also 2 additional apps :. You can play your favourite songs with Guitar! I am T-Pain 2.

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Try sing your favourite songs with this one. Download Sing! Download Guitar! Download I Am T-Pain 2.