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How-to guide for macOS Mojave

Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Latest commit a6e61f4 Aug 15, Designed to work on un-jailbroken devices. Requirements Mac OS X. Tested on Roadmap See our milestones. Development The 1. Installation ios-deploy installation is made simple using the node. It works like this: The user specifies the amount of time ios-deploy runs the app as usual.

When the timeout is elapsed ios-deploy starts to print call-stacks of all threads every 5 seconds and the app keeps running. Comparing threads' call-stacks between each other helps to identify the threads which were stuck. You signed in with another tab or window.

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You signed out in another tab or window. Jan 26, Fixed Makefile.

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Jan 15, Jul 19, Incremented version to 1. Aug 15, Now open your chosen VNC viewer. We show you how to remotely control a Mac from another Mac, Windows, or even a smartphone. Here's why you don't really need one. Now that your iPhone can be controlled remotely, at least over a local network connection, you can do some cool things like:.

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There are limitations too. For Mac users, the answer is probably no. Looking for an iPhone app to control your entertainment equipment? Here's how to perform common Bluetooth tasks and fix Bluetooth problems on your iPhone. Explore more about: Jailbreaking , VNC. Your email address will not be published.

How to View iPhone Apps on a Mac |

I was desperate to remotely use my phone in a hurry, because we use WhatsApp for on-call urgent texting, and iPhone users are the only ones who don't have access to the WhatsApp web client, presumably because API restrictions in IOS. I got everything up in about five minutes. To the person who finds that they can only view their phone, VNC clients typically have both a 'view' and a 'use' mode.

I'm using my phone with My Macbook's "Screen Sharing" app. I don't know if this is a function of what client I'm using or of Veency, but Left click is touch. Right click is home button.

Mouse or Trackpad scroll does NOT translate to device scroll. You have to left-click touch and drag up or down to scroll on device. My idle lock engaged when I was typing this, and I was able to touch the screen in VNC and type my screen lock code to get back in, so that's nice. I'm not sure if I'd use this to project my phone for a demo. If there was enough typing involved, I might, because auto-correct is just damn maddening.

If I didn't, though, I'd connect my iPhone or iPad to my mac via my sync cable, go into QuickTime, Create new video, and select my device from the drop down to the right of the right of the record button. It's strictly observe only, though. It does not type in the apps though it shows iphone on your computer. All the commands work but does not type into apps.

Jailbreakers: Get Full Remote Control

Do i have any alternate to type into iphone through pc? I liked that and tested it yesterday.. My only concern is the delay on my pc. I click an icon, I find it opened on the iPhone and maybe after 1or 2 seconds it opened on my desktop.. Any solution for that delay? I wanted to have my iphone plugged in the stereo and change tunes etc.

This is perfect.

Hate to be a snob, but I'm not sure this is such an amazing HowTo. Especially given Apple's latest Firmware update broke the jailbreakme exploit. Um your wrong.

Apple Device Management You Can Trust

Its in the Apple App Store. There are actually some uses for this, since nobody's mentioned any in the comments here. I haven't found any easy ways to record a screencast natively on my iPod Touch, this could bring that to light.